ACEI aims at documenting and disseminating the results of research conducted at the Institute of Civil Engineering of Poznan Univeristy of Technology or in cooperation with other research institutions. There is also the possibility to issue books with articles submitted by the national or international researchers on the field of Civil or Construction Engineering. The addressees of ACEI are the staff and students of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Poznan University of Technology, and similar units across the country and abroad, as well as professionals working in production and administration.

The topics of ACEI includes research works on the broader field of civil engineering, particularly: the construction of roads, bridges and railways, as well as geo-engineering and geomatics. Individual issues provide an overview of the investigatios carried out in a given period of time or in a particular subject area. Journal includes thematic publications presented in conferences, seminars or other forms of presentation of the results of research and exchange of scientific experience.

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